GER has a team of over 50 specialised and highly
qualified personnel


Our main goal is to provide grinding solutions adapted to the requirements of each individual customer in terms of quality, productivity and profitability.

Design and quality.

Our Technical Design Department is responsible for constant innovation, as well as updating our machine quality and capability.


Above and beyond these standards, the needs of each client are meticulously studied and the necessary modifications are introduced to ensure our machine meets their precise requirements.

At GER we believe a grinding machine is a long-term investment which has to start producing benefits as soon as it has been installed.


All our machines are built to DIN specification and comply with CE safety standards.


We have developed an internal quality system in which each worker is responsible for the testing and verification of the work they have carried out as well as ensuring that all design and construction procedures are followed step by step.


Traditional processes such as hand scraping of the guide-ways to give the mechanical accuracy necessary still play a crucial role in the build of GER machines.  After each operation the geometric tolerance and functionality of the machine is checked to ensure the best possible quality and precision of the finished product.


Our suppliers are carefully selected and we work closely with them to ensure that they provide us with the best quality and most suitable components for our machines.




Functional tests

Each of our machines has to perform the following tests once it has been manufactured.


1. Geometrical accuracy test according to the relevant DIN standard.

2. Functionality test on the machine and all accessories included with it

3. Grinding trials on the standard GER test component

4. Repeatability trials on a series of the standard GER test component


In addition to the above tests, we always recommend our customers to visit the GER factory to carry out acceptance trials on their own components.

Installation, commissioning and warranty.


Experience has shown us that most of the problems which arise on grinding machines in their first year of production can be attributed to incorrect installation.

For this reason, as a matter of policy, no matter where in the world the machine is installed, we always send our engineers to carry out the installation, ensuring the correct positioning and levelling of the machine.   They then train the operator on the operation and programming of the machine and support him during the production of the first components.

Our warranty complies with the terms and conditions of CECIMO (The European Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers) of which we are a member.