Providing solutions
since 1952.

Since its foundation GER has been dedicated to the manufacture of precision grinding machines.

The knowledge and expertise accumulated over more than six decades enables us to offer a wide range of solutions specifically adapted to satisfying our customers’ needs.

Our CNC grinding machine range includes:

· CNC Cylindrical Internal Grinders

· CNC Plane and Profile Surface Grinders

· CNC Rotary Table Horizontal and Vertical Spindle Grinders

· CNC Universal Rotary Table Grinding Centres


Our grinding machine capabilities range from the smallest components to those which are 6 metres long and up to 6 tons in weight.

GER is a company in constant evolution, always listening to the needs of our customers and working in close collaboration to provide the best technical and cost-effective solutions for the customer’s production requirements.

90% of our production is exported worldwide and our grinders work in such diverse sectors as aerospace, automotive, bearings, gears, injection moulding, extrusion, punch/dies, sheet profile laminating, printing, machine tool, oil/gas and general purpose mechanical engineering.